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Advertising Information

Promote your restaurant with our cost effective advertising!

At this time, we offer the following promotion/advertising options:
  • Coupons (Free)

  • Menus (Free)

  • Web Site Link

  • Banner Ad

  • Enhanced Package (Best Value)

  • Basic Web Page

  • Complete Web Site

  • Site Sponsorship

  • Contact us for more details.

    Coupons and Menus:

    Additions of Menus and Coupons to your listing are free.

    For menus, you will need to provide us with a current menu in PDF, HTML, or scannable format.
    For coupons, provide us with the offer or with an image of the coupon. For non-image coupons, our coupons automatically expire after two weeks.

    Contact us for more details.

    Link to your Website:

    We will provide a free link to your restaurant's website upon request.
    A reciprocal link is appreciated.

    This offer is only valid for restaurant web sites. All other entities need to purchase a banner ad in order to get a link to their site.
    If you wish to have a link posted, please
    Contact us.

    Banner Ad:

    Our banner is a rotating 400 x 40 banner with a link to your Web Site.
    Banners can be targeted by location. The banner will be displayed on a regular basis in the desired section (Sections are determined by food type and location).

    Advertising Rates for banner ads are as follows:
      Special Introductory Rates for new customers: (Restaurants Only)
    •   3 Months $ 21 ($7.00 / Mo) - 65% Savings from our normal rates!
    •   6 Months $ 40 ($6.67 / Mo) - 66% Savings from our normal rates!
    • 12 Months $ 75 ($6.25 / Mo) - up to 68% Savings from our normal rates!

      Standard Banner Rates:
    •   3 Months $ 75 ($25.00 / Mo)
    •   6 Months $120 ($20.00 / Mo)
    • 12 Months $200 ($16.66 / Mo) - Best Value!!

    Prices include targeted ads in up to three cities. Ads targeted to larger areas such as counties, states or nationwide ads are also available. Pricing depends on location targeted.

    Contact us for more information.

    Enhanced Package:

    The enhanced package includes the following:

  • A basic web page (See Sample Below) with a description, and company logo.

  • A rotating 400 x 40 banner. The banner will be displayed on a regular basis in the desired section.

  • A Link to your web page or existing web site

  • A link to a menu

  • You must provide us with:

  • Text for the web page

  • For logos: an image in electronic format

  • For Menus: a scannable menu, menu in PDF format, or Menu in HTML format.

  • Contact us for more information.

    Advertising Rates for the enhanced package are as follows:
    There is a minimum of 1 year advertising for the Enhanced Package.

      Special Introductory Rates for new customers: (Restaurants Only)
    • Design + Setup (includes 12 Months hosting) $250
    Initial basic design for the page is included. Banners in additional sections are half price for the same restaurant.
    All payments are non-refundable.

    Includes a change per page per quarter.

    Additional changes to the pages $10 per instance.

    For enhanced page Design or Menu Design: $20/ hr

    Sample Page:

    Mom's Restaurant
    12345 Any Street, Any Town, 99999 CA, ,
    Tel: (999) 555-1234

    Featuring Fantastic Foods

    Mom's Restaurant serves fantastic mouth-watering foods that are bound to tantalize your appetite.

    Start off your meal with a fabulous appetizer. Work your way through our fantastic entrees, and top off the meal with our delicious desserts.

    Open 7 days a week, 11 am to 10 pm

    VISA, Mastercard, & AMEX Accepted.

    We reserve the right to edit or reject any advertising material at our discretion.