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(208) 733-8400
1598 Blue Lakes Boulevard North, Twin Falls, Idaho

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Below is a copy of a letter my daughter sent to Jakers Management after a very unpleasant visit to Jakers, After what happened, I will never return to Jakers or even wish this experience on anyone. By all means....if you are looking for a good meal and customer satisfaction...go somewhere else. I could not leave 0 stars, but would have if possible. I want to start off by saying that I have never been so disrespected by anyone in my life. I went to Jakers in Twin Falls, ID on March 6, 2013. My family went there for my mother's birthday since we were in town for her doctors apt. We have eaten at Jakers once before which was good except for the Crème Brulee was soupy, even after three tries to get it right. This time everything was great until we got our entrees. I had the Prime Rib with twice baked potato, my mother had the Prime Rib with a baked potato, and my father had the Skirt Steak special with twice baked potato. Mine and my father's potatoes were partially frozen and we sent them back, I would guess they went into a microwave and came out cold the second time. On the third time they were hot but were the same potatoes from the first time so it made them hard and dry.. My father's skirt steak was blue (raw and cold) in the middle, which you know if he had eaten it, it could make him super sick. When it came back it was the same original steak he had, only thrown back on the grill. What happens to a steak that's already cooked and then cooked again? Tough, dry and hard to eat. Needless to say, we were unhappy at this point. My mom had finished her dinner while my dad and I waited for our potatoes to be warmed and my dad's steak regrilled. Additionally, during all this wait my prime rib was now cold, We ate ours anyway without complaining as we feared that it might be worse if we sent anything back another time and I really wanted my mom to enjoy her birthday. We were done sending food back and decided to pay and leave. For my mom's birthday they gave her a cinnamon roll sundae. I had the first bite, there was no ice cream and the cinnamon roll was hard and cold. We told the server and she said well let me get the manager. I took my 3yr old to the restroom and when I returned, there was a lady arguing with my father. He was showing her that it was all whip cream. I told her I took the first bite and there was no ice cream and it wasn't hot. As she argued with me about it, my father was trying to show her when a little bit of the whip cream came out of the bowl. She stormed off and as we were getting up she came running out of what I believe was the kitchen area, saying I was going to ask you to leave (why kick us out we were never rude nor loud, but I guess this is the way to treat customers, since we had already paid). Then she got up in my face and said "I was trying to work with you people". She never once said her name or addressed herself as a manager until I asked for the manager and stated, "I am." (All this time we thought she was just another server). I asked her if she knew what customer service is and as I asked she stormed off again. As someone who has worked in Customer Service for 13 yrs. I have never treated anyone like that. We never asked for a hand out just wanted something to be done about the disaster of the food and the way we were treated, as I paid a 75 dollar bill. Unfortunately, you have lost longtime customers and will not be recommending this restaurant to friends, family, coworkers or anyone that ask where to eat in Twin Falls. I would recommend anyone that is thinking about eating at Jakers...think again. It is bad when the food is served cold and raw, but there is never an excuse to treat a customer like they were dirt under your feet. Visiting Jakers was certainly an experience to remember, but one that I never hope to repeat and would not wish upon anyone else. Rod Moore

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